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Honey is a thick, sweet syrup which comes from bees.
It is full of healthy herbal compounds and it has been connected with a lot of benefits for health.
However, there is an argument around the kind of honey – raw or regular – which it is healthier.
Some people believe in the raw diversity of honey is better for optimum health but others claim that there is no difference between them.
epimelos raw greek honey
What is raw honey?
Raw honey is well described as the honey ”like being in hive”.
It is made of the export of honey from the honeycomb which passes from a grid in order to divide the honey from waste like beeswax and dead bees.
When it is sieved, the raw honey is bottled and ready for pleasure.
epimelos raw greek honey
On the other hand, the production of regular honey includes some other steps before the bottling – like the pasteurization and filtration.
The pasteurization is a process where destroys the dough located into the honey with the process of high heating. This helps the life expectancy of honey and makes it smooth.
Also, the filtration deducts better the waste and the air bubbles in order that the honey can remain as an apparent fluid for longer time. This isaesthetically attractive for many consumers.
Some commercial honeys are reprocessed with hyper filtration. This process improves better the texture of honey in order to be more apparent and flat but it can also remove some nutritional ingredients like the pollen, enzyme and antioxidants.
Which are the main differences between raw and regular honey?
The raw and the regular honey are processed quite differently. 

This can lead to a variety of diferentiations between them especially in quality.

Here are the main differences between raw and regular honey.

Raw honey is more nutritious
The raw honey includes a wide range of nutritional sources.
It has almost 22 amino acid, 31 different minerals and a wide range of vitamins and enzyme. Yet the nutrients are only in the trace minerals.
The most surprising for honey is that contains almost 30 types of biodrastic fibre links. These called polyfainoles and act as antioxidants.
Many studies have connected these antioxidants with impressive benefits for health, including the reduction of effects and less danger in heart diseases and some cancers.
In contrast, the commercial honey may contains less antioxidants because of the processing methods.
For example in one study they compared the antioxidants of raw honey and regular honey from a local mark and they concluded that the raw honey contained up to 4,3 times more antioxidants from the remade diversity.

Regular honey doesn’t contain pollen

All bees travel from flowers to flowers collecting nectar and pollen.

The nectar and pollen are transferred into the hive where they saved into honeycomb and finally become the food source for the bees.

The pollen of bees is amazingly nutritious and contains up to 250 substances like vitamins, amino acid, important fat acid, micronutrients and antioxidants.

The pollen of bees has connected with many impressive benefits for health. Studies have discovered that it can help to eliminate body effects and to improve the liver’s functions. It also has functions that can help to fight against heart diseases and brain’s episode.

Unfortunately, the processing methods like the heating process and the hyper filtration can reduce the bee’s pollen.

For example, an informal study analyzed 60 samples of commercial films of honey in U.S.A. and discovered that up to 75% of all samples didn’t contain pollen.

Regular honey may have hidden sugar or sweeteners
There is a big cancer worldwide for the regular honey which had polluted by sugar or other sweeteners like the corn’s syrup of high comprehensiveness of fructose.
The most benefits for health attribute to the raw honey
The honey has connected with some impressive benefits for health.
Studies have shown that can help to the reduction in dangerous factors of heart disease like the blood pressure and cholesterol, to improve the heal of wounds and even treat the cough.
However, these benefits for health are actually related to the raw honey since it is higher in antioxidant and other beneficial ingredients.
One of these ingredients is an enzyme called (GOD-PAP) oxidation of glucose. This enzyme helps in the production of molecules which give to honey anti-microbes anti-bacterial factors.
Also, it is unclear if the less processed honey has similar levels of antioxidants like the raw honey.
If you want to be sure in order to take all the health benefits then you must choose the raw honey. 
Raw honey is not the same with bio honey
The raw and bio honeyσ have different regulations in different countries.
The honey which characterized as raw, it is not allowed to be pasteurized or remade.
While, in organic honey, the production process is certified according to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture of each country.
This means that bees, flowers and honey aren’t allowed to come in touch with chemical pesticides and other factors that are against the criteria of Ministry.
Dangers in the consumption of raw honey
Raw honey can contain seeds or bacteria Clostridium botulinum.
This bacteria are especially hurmful to babies, children under the age of one and pregnant women.
However, the botulism is very rare in healthy adults and older kinds. As the body grown up, the intestine evolves enough to stop the agriculture of botulism seeds.
Anyway, if you appear disorders like nausea, vomit and diarrhea after the consumption of raw honey you must quickly visit your doctor.
Noticed that the regular honey can also contains clostridium botulism seeds. This means that babies, kids under the age of one and pregnant women must also avoid it.
General conclusion
The raw and regular honeys are processed differently.
The raw honey is only sieved before the bottling which means that it keeps more of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants which of course contains.
On the other hand, the regular honey can be subjected to a range of processing which can deduct the beneficial nutrients like pollen and reduce the level of antioxidants.

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